VR Airbus A320 Cockpit

The objective of this project was to create VR training software for pilots. Through this software in conjunction with VR, it is to be possible to practice certain procedures even outside the costly simulator.

Therefore, I modeled a cockpit of an Airbus A320 based on the game engine Unreal Engine 4. The entire project was used as a test object in my bachelor thesis. Here, you can find a summary of the thesis.


I managed to develop the project throughout all phases. This included in particular the planning of the cockpit layout, the highpoly / lowpoly modeling, texturing, material creation, lighting, UI, and the testing with pilots of Germanwings.

The programming part was done by Jerry Haindl. So, it was possible for me to steer this project.

Realtime A320 Cockpit in UE4

Realtime A320 Cockpit in UE4

Realtime A320 Cockpit in UE4. Close-up look to the "Pedestal"

Video of the Virtual Reality Flight Training Demo:

This is a walk-through of the built-in "Cockpit Preparation" procedure, which I officially got from the German Lufthansa. The built-in functions are shown and listed here. Also, the operation of the controllers in the cockpit as well as in the operation of the in-game tablet are shown here.

Lowpoly Wireframe

UI Design:

The UI design was a essential part of my work. Initially, the plan was to integrate as few UI elements as possible and having the cockpit itself as the UI. But after the first tests, it turned out that the technology can't support it yet. For example, small numbers on displays are not recognizable in VR so far. It was a challenge to find the best balance between usability and immersion.

By moving the thumb to the correct position of the track-pad, the options can be selected and confirmed by release.

Key aspect to maximize the adaptivity was to simplify those operations, therefore each element can be operated in the above fashion.

Small example of my modeling work with Highpoly Wireframe


Due to the various lettering in such a cockpit, I decided to use some decals.

All is done with planes and one "alpha tested" bitmap. So I have done a decal sheet with all shapes I needed, cut and placed them in max.

Then I exported them as one mesh with an easy material in UE4. Texts are all done the same.

All different Viewmodes with the Lightsetup in UE4

I created every material from the scratch in Substance Designer

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